About Us

Aztec Soccer Club is a recreational soccer league that serves the youth of the Aztec, NM Area ages 4-14. We encourage all kids, from beginners to more experienced players, to get involved in Aztec Soccer. We promote individual player development, sportsmanship, teamwork and healthy competition.

All parents/visitors to our soccer games or practices must comply with the ASC Code of Conduct available here.

Concussions are a serious concern in any physical activity. You can find more information about how to spot and avoid repeat concussions here.

Reminder:¬†Our “Playing Up” policy is as follows:
We do not allow players to “Play Up” unless one of the following cases is true:
1. The player’s coach recommends the player move up an age group because their soccer skills and physical maturity is such that staying in the player’s own age group will be detrimental to him/her, his/her teammates and opponents. The board must review and approve any such request.
2. The player has a sibling that is one age group older (in the same gender) than the player and the player’s coach believes that the player’s skill level and physical maturity are adequate to participate in an older age group. The board must review and approve any such request.